This is an "O" scale RSD7 engine made by Overland and very nicely detailed.
This model had regular light bulbs and epoxy blobs for lenses.
I installed white LED headlights (front and rear), red LED class lights, yellow/amber truck lights and interior cab lights.
This superb model is owned by Douglas Jones of Bethesda,  Maryland .
The photo was also taken by Doug Jones on his equally impressive layout.  

This is a brass "HO" scale RS3 engine (shell) with fiber optic head lights using the super bright white LED's for the light source and yellow/amber truck (ditch) lights.

This is a pic. of the rear of the RS3 brass "HO" engine shell. This is a temporary installation. This model will get blasted and custom painted and then I will remount the headlights permanently with newly polished fiber optic lenses.

This model is owned by Joe Gresh.

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