Mantua 040 steam switcher

mantua 040 tender

Tender with super bright white LED.

mantua engine

040 engine with super bright white LED.


This is an HO scale Mantua (0-4-0)yard switcher that I had installed Super Bright White LED's on the tender
and for the headlight.
This style of white LED emits a slight yellowish tinge which is more accurate to the older style bright headlight.
I needed to keep the engine still so that I could get a good shot.
With an MRC1500 power pack and a track metered 2.5 Volts the LED is at about 75% full brightness.
The full range of the constant lighting circuit is from 1.5 to 20 volts DC and can take up to
25 volts DC for a short duration.
I personally don't know who would want to run an engine at 25 Volts DC unless your into changing motors and gears on a regular basis.
This is a vast improvement over the factory bulbs that were originally installed in the model.
The LED's are designed to last for over 100,000 hours and as you can see they cast a nice beam.
Included with the installation of the lighting system I also re-lube the bearings, clean the wheels and re-lube the motor or overhaul the motor if requested.
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